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Foshan Jiazhinuo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
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Company Information

  • Company Name:

    Foshan Jiazhinuo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

  • Phone Number:+86-0757-82035343
  • Fax Number:+86-0757-82035343


Foshan Jiazhinuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech professional company established in 2000, specializing in the development, production, distribution of steroid hormone powders and intermediates. We have been working hard to develop, produce and sell steroid hormones and pharmaceutical raw materials.
Has advanced production technology and equipment, strong technical force, first-rate laboratory and testing equipment. After several years of hard work and contributions from experienced technicians in different fields, Jiazhinuo has developed into a professional factory producing anabolic steroid powders. The company's subordinate factories have advanced production equipment and factories, complete quality assurance and control systems, a full set of high-pressure liquid chromatography / gas chromatography / UV spectrophotometer for effective product analysis and monitoring. The company's factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and international KOSHER certification.
Now, we continue to develop at a high speed and make great contributions to the development and quality improvement of our new products. We adhere to the business philosophy of "Quality First, Service First, Continuous Improvement, and Innovation to Meet Customers", with "zero defects and zero complaints" as our quality objectives.


  • CAS NO. 15663-27-1 Cisplatin Cancer Treatment Steroids Anti cancer 78613-38-4 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Raw Amorolfines Hydrochloride Intermediate Antifungal
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Drostanolone Enanthate Powder CAS 472-61-1 Ceramide Skin Care Anti Aging Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Cabozantinib CAS 849217-68-1 Pharmaceutical Intermediates raw materials Lenalidomide CAS 191732-72-6 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials White Powder for Treating Tumor
  • Sorafenib tosylate for the treatment of advanced liver cancer Dexamethasone CAS 50-02-2 Antiinflammatory Cortical Hormone powder
  • 99% Purity Bimatoprost Prostamide CAS 155206-00-1 for Reducing Eye Lop Ftibamzone for herpes zoster and superficial fungal infection
  • Bipariden anti-paralysis agitans drug Oxybutynin for urinary frequency and urgency
  • Tolvaptan High Purity 99% CAS 150683-30-0 Tolvaptan for Hyponatremia Sildenafil Mesylate Steroid Hormones AS 139755-91-2 Increase Sexual Power
  • Entecavir 142217-69-4 Treat Hepatitis Pharma Raw Materials Muscle Building Peptides Human Hormone Blue Top White Powder MGF 2mg/Vial For Bodybuilding
  • Ritonavir in the treatment of advanced or non-progressive AIDS Levamisole Hydrochloride CAS 16595-80-5
  • Male Enhancement Powder Sildenafil Citrate / Viagras Steroid High purity Vardenafil White powder male enhancing Raw Steroid Powder
  • 13103-34-9 Fast Muscle Growth Steroids Bold Undecylenate / Equipoise Quinine hydrochloride dihydrate Pharmaceutical Intermediate
  • Fluocinolone Acetonide Oral Anabolic Steroid For Corticosteroid Treatment CAS 67-73-2 Nolvadex / Tamoxifen Citrate Anti Estrogen Steroid For Bodybuiling

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