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China Foshan Luzhou PU Machinery Co., Ltd
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Company Information

  • Company Name:

    China Foshan Luzhou PU Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Phone Number:86-137-51725551
  • Fax Number:86-137-51725551


 Foshan Luzhou PU Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in developing, producing and marketing different kinds of PU machines. Its products are sold well all over the world. 

The machines include: High and low pressure foaming machine, shoes soles (safety shoes) semi-automatic and full-automatic production line, sponge (Memory pillow/seat mat/cushion) production line, High-temperatured Elastomer Machine, Ear Plug Automatic Production line, Floral Foam Machine(Phonelic), ect. 

Luzhou owns professional and enthusiastic design and sale workteam. Luzhou has strong ability to develop new Pu machines with its qualified employees, over 15-year experience, advanced and strict testing means. 

Luzhou is emphasis on Quality products and highly-efficient service, which has made it satisfy with customers and keep long-term business with each other. 

Meanwhile, Luzhou also provides molds and pu chemicals as long as customers require.


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