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Guangzhou Shiny Co.,Ltd.
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Company Information

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    Guangzhou Shiny Co.,Ltd.

  • Phone Number:+86-(20)-62802632, 62802633
  • Fax Number:+86-(20)-62802632, 62802633


Profile: Guangzhou Shiny Co., Ltd. is an importer and exporter of chemicals. Our business also includes research, developing, manufacturing and trading of different chemicals for printing ink, coating, plastics rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergent, food pigment additives, optical brighteners, UV absorbers, light stabilizers, blowing agents, nucleating agents, antioxidants, dyestuff, disinfectors, and pharmaceutical intermediates for customers. Our optical brighteners are used for the whitening of thermoplastic, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester fiber, paint and ink. Our Antioxidant 245 is an effective asymmetric phenolic antioxidant and it is used as an additive in the food packing materials. It has resistance to oxidation coloring and has significant synergistic effect with assistant antioxidant & light stabilizer.


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