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Weifang Dongfangsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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Company Information

  • Company Name:

    Weifang Dongfangsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.

  • Phone Number:0536-8909805
  • Fax Number:0086-536-8916565


Weifang Dongfangsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established in 1995, We are one of the main zinc chloride manufacturer in china. We have occupied big sale volume in home and outside market. They are exported to Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and North America etc. We can provide you with zinc chloride products of various specifications and packaging. We can also provide satisfactory zinc chloride products for you according to your requirements. Owing to the technical advantage, we have improved the craft & equipment of producing zinc chloride many times since the production of zinc chloride. The products are always supreme-quality with competitive price in China. At present, our annual volume is over 12000 M/TS. we are also manufacturing various kind of chemical products, such as, Zinc Carbonate, Zinc nitrate,Zinc dihydrogen phosphate, Zinc Oxide etc. With exuberant spirits and loyalty ,sincerely hope to cooperate with you to establish mutul-bebefit business relationship. Welcome to visit our factory. We can provide various kind of package, such as p.p. bags, galvanize drums.


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MSDS are normally produced by the manufacturer of the product. So any customer can get the MSDS from the manufacturer/supplier of the product. Some universities and businesses have a collection somewhere on their website. We will give some internet-sources MSDS contain information on the properties of chemicals. Mainly they contain basic information to insure the safety and health of the user at all stages of its manufacture, storage, use and disposal.

MSDS Documents

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    • Acros Organics


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    • Sigma-Aldrich


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    • Sigma-Aldrich


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    • Sigma-Aldrich


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    • Sigma-Aldrich


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    • Sigma-Aldrich


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