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Chemvon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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    Chemvon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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  • Fax Number:+86-21-50790419


Chemvon Biotechnology Co. Ltd., is a high-technology pharmaceutical and fine chemical company in R&D, manufacturing and sales of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and some organic intermediates. With the experience and specialization in technology of asymmetric synthesis, total synthesis of natural products, organometallic reactions, chromatographic chiral separation, we supply high quality products of APIs, intermediates, speciality chemicals. Contract services including research & manufacture and custom synthesis from laboratory to commercial production are also offered on a confidential basis. Chemvon puts great emphasis on product quality and service as followed in details: Custom chemical services: 1.Contract custom manufacturing of intermediates and APIs from microgrms up to multi tonnes scale. 2.Contract process research and upscaling studies. 3.Contract research in structure-activity of drug moleculars. Products: 1.Vitamins and steroids. 2.Organic intermediates, heterocyclic compounds including monomers of polymer materials and some building blocks. 3.Chiral synthons with multi-step reactions.


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