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Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.
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    Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.

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  • Fax Number:0086-21-67602387


We are a professional manufacturer of nutraceuticals銆乸lant extracts銆乸harmaceutical raw materials & intermediate and a high-tech modern large-scale corporation which is engaged in cultivation銆丷 & D銆乸roduction銆乻ales & marketing. It was established in 2003. We owned three subsidiaries : production base鈥擧unan Keyuan Bio-products Co.,Ltd, R&D base鈥擲hanghai Zheyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Research Institute and Shanghai Chuyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd.

The main products including resveratrol銆?-HTP銆丆itrus Aurantium P.E.銆丒pimedium P.E.銆丼tevia.銆乤rtemisinin & its derivatives and steroid hormone APIs. We are honored as High-Tech enterprise in 2005. Our products are popular in North America, Africa, Asia, Latin American, West Europe and Southeast Asia.

Cultivation base and factoryOur factory located at the foot of the beautiful Nanshan Pasture, Hunan Province, China, covering more than 70000 square meters, with abundant in natural resources & a pleasant climate. It is also Chinese main origin area of natural plants, such as Polygonum Cuspidatum, citrus Aurantium, Rhizoma Dioscoreae zingiberensis etc., which assure that we can provide you with pure natural products and guarantee for your healthy life.

Production and R & DWe are certified by ISO9001 & ISO14001. The whole process of all products strictly conforms to GMP standard. With modern production workshop, quality control department, first-class laboratory and a full range of testing equipments, the quality of our products has reached advanced level of similar products at home and abroad. Our companies always focus on the improvement and innovation of technology. We especially set up the Shanghai Zheyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Research and workshop, which is engaged in R&D of nutraceuticals plant extract, phytochemicals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Adhering to the principle of quality being the top priority, relying on technological progress & innovation, a flexible operational management and efficient service, we will keep on devoting ourselves to providing human beings effective & green healthy products!


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