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Hebei Chuncheng Biological Technology Co,. LTD
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Company Information

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    Hebei Chuncheng Biological Technology Co,. LTD

  • Phone Number:86-311-66561796
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 Hebei ChunCheng biological technology co., LTD., founded in 2015 on March 5, covers an area of 67000 square meters. The company is located in the provincial key demonstration zone: NingJin salt chemical industry park. 


Our company main products are: glycine, L - alanine, DL - alanine, L - lysine hydrochloride, L - threonine, L - methionine, L - cysteine hydrochloride, L - phenylalanine, L - glutamic acid, l-cystine, L - cysteine, L - arginine, L leucine, L - tryptophan, D - xylose, L - aspartic acid, etc. 


  • 56-40-6 factory price glycine power for food additive 56-40-6 feed grade CAS 56-40-6 glycine for livestock
  • 657-27-2 food additive L-lysine monohydrochloride for nutritional supplement 657-27-2 flavor agent L-Lysine HCL for milk
  • 56-41-7 white crystals L-Alanine for sweeteners 56-41-7 Acidity regulators L-Alanine for daily product
  • 63-91-2 China manufacturer L-Phenylalanine for food additive 59-51-8 nutritional supplement DL-methionine for feed additives
  • 150-90-3 disodium succinate powder for buffer agent 56-86-0 Wholesale price L-glutamate for Monosodium glutamate
  • 56-86-0 high quality L-glutamate with certified KOSHER 73-22-3 High purity L-Tryptophan powder for corn flour
  • 61-90-5 necessary amino acid L-leucine for nutritional supplement 63-91-2 food grade L-Phenylalanine powder for sweeteners
  • 59-51-8 supply DL-mehionine powder for fish cake food 63-68-3 feed grade L-Methionine powder for feed additives
  • 52-90-4 low price food additives L-cysteine for bread 7048-04-6 factory supply L-cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate
  • 52-89-1 L-Cysteine hydrochloride anhydrous food additives

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