With annual output of 5000 tons, 11 years of e" />
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Shenzhen Rongqiang Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Company Information

  • Company Name:

    Shenzhen Rongqiang Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Phone Number:86-755-23333333
  • Fax Number:86-755-23332333


 With annual output of 5000 tons, 11 years of experience, a professional R&D team, ISO 9001 certification and one hour away from Shenzhen port, we offer superior quality surfactants and professional service to over 2000 customers.


  • Chelating Dispersant for Strip Steel and De-Dusting Cleaner Low Foam and No Foam Surfactant
  • Surfactants Equivalent to Np/Op No Foam and Low Foam Surfactant
  • Surfactants Used Before Coating Low Foam Surfactants with High Alkaline Resistance
  • Surfactant for Electrolytic Liquid Degreaser Super Low Foam Surfactants
  • Surfactants Before Electroplating Low Foam Surfactants
  • High Quality Surfactants for Strong Alkaline Low Foam Surfacntants
  • Surfactants as Superior Alkaline Additive Low Foam No Foam Surfactants
  • Surfactants for Acid Degreaser, Aluminum Acidic Degreaser Surfactants Used Before Electroplating
  • Low Foam Surfactant with High Alkaline Resistance Surfactants for Electrolytic Powdery Degreaser
  • Phosphorus Free Surfactants for Middle Temperture Degreasing Surfactant for Wax Removal

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