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Pectin (CAS NO. : 9000-69-5 )
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  • Name: Pectin
  • CAS NO.: 9000-69-5
  • Synonyms:

    Marpee NL;Marpee OM;YM 15LJ;AF701;AP 40;AS 511;Amid CS 005;BIG-J;Beta-Pectin;Cesapectin;Classic AF501;Classic AM 201;Colyer pectin;D 225;D-D Slowset;E 440a;Fluka 7682;GelSite;Genu Beta Pectin;Genu JMJ 100;Genu Pectin;Genu Pectin A;GenuPectin DSS;Genu Pectin L 200;Genu Pectin LM 101AS;Genu Pectin LM 104AS;GenuPectin LM 104AS-FS;Genu Pectin LM 104AS-J;Genu Pectin LM 105AS;Genu Pectin LM105S;Genu Pectin LM 18CG-Z;Genu Pectin LM 85AS;Genu Pectin USP-H;GenuPectin X 0905;Genu Pectin YM 100;Genu Pectin YM 150J;Genu Pectin YM 150LJ;Genu pectin HM-USP-H;Genu pectin LM 12CG;Genu pectin LM5 CS;F PectinClassic AF 701;F Pectin Classic CU 701;HMP RS400;Herbacel CitrusFiber;LM 102AS;LM 104AS-FS;LM 12CG-Z;LMNA/P 3450NA95;Methoxypectin;Methyl pectin;Methyl pectinate;MexPec 1200;MexPec1400;MexPec 1500;Mexpectin XSS 100;OB 700;OF 305;OXPEC;PG 717CS;Pectin1694;Pectin Classic CU 701;Pectin JM 150JN;Pectinate;Pectinic acid;Pectins;Pecto;Pepidol PEG;Pomosin LM 12;Pomosin LM 12CG-Z;Red Ribbon 3G;SM 478;Sango-stop;Slendid 200;Slendid L 200;Splendid;TIC 1200;TICPretested Pectin 1460 Powder;TIC Pretested Pre-hydrated 1694 Powder;USP 100;Unipectin;Unipectin AYD 30;Unipectin OB 70;Unipectine 150RS150C;Unipectine3450NA95;Unipectine 903;Unipectine AMP 285;Unipectine AYD 358;Unipectine LMOF 300C;Unipectine MRS 150;Unipectine OF 463;Unipectine RS 150?? SAG;Unipectine RS ND;Unipectine SS 150;UnipectineSS-ND;VIS TOP D 2122;VIS TOP D 2250;

  • Molecular Structure:
  • Molecular Formula: Unspecified
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